DARSONVAL Diamond Dermabrasion Blackhead Remover Vacuum Pore Cleaner Acne Removal USB Rechargeble Face SPA Lifting Face Care

DARSONVAL Diamond Dermabrasion Blackhead Remover Vacuum Pore Cleaner Acne Removal USB Rechargeble Face SPA Lifting Face Care
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7 Color LED Facial Neck Mask

Red Light
Wavelength of 630nm, known as the "biological activity of light" to improve cell activity, speed up the metabolism and promote collagen formation; with whitening, rejuvenation, increase skin elasticity, improve skin condition to repair damaged skin, anti-aging effect of oxidation.
Blue Light
Wavelength 470nm, can inhibit the efficacy of inflammation, can be no damage to the skin tissue in the case of efficient damage to the bacteria of Propionibacterium, and in a very short period of time to significantly reduce the inflammatory phase of acne or even cured. redease acne sores, repair the skin, leaving no scars and pigment effect.
Green Light
Wavelength 520nm, a neutralization, balance and stability of the role, can reduce skin oil secretion, balance the proportion of water and oil, effectively relieve mental stress, dredging lymph and drainage.
Yellow Light
After special treatment of 590nm wavelength, to improve the exchange of cell oxygen, to the skin cells to add energy, decomposition of the pigment, improve skin roughness, wrinkles, redness for the skin, ringworm, enhance immunity.
Purple Light
Is the red and blue light of the dual frequency light, which combines the two kinds of light therapy and efficacy, especially in the acne mark has a particularly good effect and repair effect.
Bondi Blue Light
Can gradually enhance the energy of cells, the metabolism has a very good role in promoting.
Laser Light(White)
Penetrate the skin deep, speed up the metabolism of active tissue, break the stain, improve fine lines and loose skin.
LED 7 Color Light Therapy
1. Whitening skin
Can accelerate the dilution of cytochrome, brighten the skin color, whitening rejuvenation.
2.Spotted freckles
Effectively dilute all kinds of stubborn stains, color printing and pigment precipitation.
3. Large pores
Shrink pores and rejuvenation effect, improve the rough skin pores and other issues.
Effectively kill the skin surface harmful bacteria, deep detoxification also skin smooth and healthy.
5. Skin dull
Completely solve the black / yellow / dull light, uneven skin color and other issues.
6. Suppress acne
Effectively kill the skin bacteria, rapid control of acne and other inflammatory, effective prevention of acne regeneration.
7. Skin allergies
Can relieve allergic symptoms, improve the sensitive / red blood and other skin.
8. Anti aging
Delay skin aging, increase skin elasticity, delay wrinkles growth, so that small wrinkles disappear.
9. Improve sleep
Modern life stress, worry more, easy to insomnia, to promote soothing nerves.
10. Activate Collagen
Promote skin collagen secretion, so that the skin is more supple and translucent.