UNI T UT273 Clamp Grounding Resistance Tester Auto Range 0.01 1000ohm Digital Clamp Earth Ground Tester UT273 Resistance Tester

UNI T UT273 Clamp Grounding Resistance Tester Auto Range 0.01 1000ohm Digital Clamp Earth Ground Tester UT273 Resistance Tester
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Clamp Meter Earth Ground Resistance Tester Meter / Resistance Detector / Megger / Meg Ohm Meter
Because modern industrial electrical equipment has been quite popular, a good ground has become an important anti-interference, effective anti-lightning protection system. Therefore, safe, fast grounding measurement has become an urgent need. Clamp Earth Resistance Tester is a major breakthrough in traditional grounding resistance measurement without the use of auxiliary ground rods measuring, and need not interrupt the grounding device under test, simply grounding wire or rod clamp to live, you can safely and quickly measure resistance to ground. 
     In addition, the product can also make current measurements, the sensitivity of the clamp can measure the leakage current to 1mA, while the neutral current up to 20A RMS. This function is to be measured in ground loops when containing a large affect power quality and harmonic noise, it is particularly important. 
     In addition to the products used in industrial electrical equipment, also in power distribution, telecommunications, system configuration, construction and other fields have a wide range of applications ground.
MS2301 Clamp Earth Resistance Tester is used to measure any loop system grounding resistance, 
For example, the grounding resistance grounding resistance power transmission lines and communication lines, electricity can also be measured 
Equipment and lightning protection grounding resistance of grounding network. When a current ground loop interference, 
Resistance measurement accuracy will be affected, then the available instrument for measuring ground resistance interference currents 
The amount.


    Precision measurement of low resistance 0.01Ω 
    0.001Ω high resolution 
    99 sets of data can be stored resistance measurement 
    Alarms can be set to a value within the range 1Ω-100Ω 
    Measure leakage current and neutral current 
    Large diameter 45 × 32mm precision measuring probes, oval-shaped jaw, measurable flat iron grounded. 
    Digital measurement, automatic transmission, easy to operate 
    Clamp head with double insulation protection, enhanced anti-jamming 
    Non-contact measurement, the measurement safety 
    Single measurement time of 1 second, reflecting the rapid measurement 
    Limit alarm with battery 
    The display: LCD 3 3/4 digits 
    Clamp head diameter: 32mm X 45mm 
    Current overload Show: greater than 20A RMS, "OL" is displayed
Auto range: Yes 
Jaw opening: 45mm × 32mm/1.8 "× 1.3" 
Data storage: 99 groups 
Alarm settings: Setting alarm threshold in 1Ωto 100Ω 
Low Battery Indicator: Low Battery Display 
Data Retention: Yes 
Test conditions: Temperature 23 C ± 3 C 
                          Humidity 50% RH ± 10% 
Battery power supply:> 7V 
External magnetic field: <40A / m 
External electric field: <1A / m 
Current Test Frequency: 45Hz ~ 65HZ


Modern industrial electronic equipment is in quick development. A good Earth is becoming an efficient system to prevent from interference and thunderbolt. Safe and quick earth tester is the most needed.
Earth resistance clamp is a break through from traditional tester. Neither the supplementary earth leads nor the break earth equipment is necessary. Ground resistance result can be get safely and fast only by clamping the ground line.
Additionally, current testing is also provided. High sensitivity clamp meter can measure the leakage current to 1mA, neutral current to 20A RMS. It is
especially important for testing ground circuit with strong interference and ripple that will influence the electrical quality.
Besides industrial electronic equipment, it is also widely used in the field of electric power distribution, telecommunication and architectural ground.
0.01ohmhigh accuracy for low resistance measurement
0.001ohmhigh resolution
Record 99 resistance measurement values
With alarm function of resistance limit, set alarm threshold in 1 to 100
Measure leakage current and neutral current 1mA~20A
45mm x 32mm large jaws of exactitude measurement probe
Digital measurement, autorange ,easy operation
Double insulation, strengthen the interference resistance
Untouched measurement,ensure the safety
Time per measurement : 1 second
current overload display : >20A RMS, display OL