30cm China copper hot pot thickened Mongolian Chinese dragon charcoal copper fondue pot Beijing Sichuan handmade fire pot

30cm China copper hot pot thickened Mongolian Chinese dragon charcoal copper fondue pot Beijing Sichuan handmade fire pot
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Vintage Copper Metal Steam Boat Hot Pot warmer w / handles chimney




Welcome. Beautiful vintage Mongolian or Chinese Hot Pot/ Fire Pot/Fondue pot.Originally a Hot Pot was used for communal cooking & serving. Copper was the obvious choice for superior heat retension.

Material: inner is made of copper and outer is cloisonne

Specification: 16 CM inner dia, 18 CM outer dia

Fuel: solid alcohol

Pattern: ErLongXiZhu






Cloisonne craft is the traditional craft in China, which has hundreds of years history. It is not only use in daily living but also could be decoration in your house. It is a good gift to your relatives or friends as a gift.




How can process it?:


1,Making a drawing (blue print)of the body for next processing.


2,Processing the pot body, cutting the copper plate in various shapes based on the drawing, striking the plates to every portion of copper pot and then weld them together through high temperature.


3, Cutting wire: using tweezers to cutting the tiny copper wire pieces and make them to sorts of excellent pattern by hands. Sticking them to the pot body surface and putting some welding powder on so that you could weld it firmly on the body surface under the 900 degree celcius.


4, Draw blue: After cutting wire process and also complete fiery welding,washing by acid,smoothing,adjusting process you would begin to draw blue. Draw blue need to fill the enamel glaze materials into the finished wire frame, which the colour must be prepared well.


5, Burning: After fill in glaze for whole body, putting it into the blast furnace about 800 degree celcius for burning. The colourful glaze would coated on the surface after cool down. Usually the processing would repeat 4-5 times until the glaze is at wire level.


6, Polishing: Generally use sandstone,oil stone,charcoal to polish the blue glaze flat. May be this processing would take to more time until the surface is flat.


7, Gold-plated: After finish the polishing, washing by acid  and wash dirty process you could put it into gold trough and connect current after minutes gold will coated at the metal surface. Washing it again and making it dry, the beautiful cloisonné is completed.


How to eat hot pot  scientifically

1, You must pay attention to match of dishes put in pot. Beside meat, nourishing food and such as vegetables are necessary.


2, eat less nourishing hot pot. Although tonic hot pot have medicinal food function, but in the not clear their physique, had better eat less.


3, Having hot pot had better in order, drinking a half cup of fresh fruit juice, then eat vegetables, at last eat meat. This could avoid some So eat can avoid some thermal symptoms.


About healthly common sense

1, Copper is human health indispensable micronutrients in body and have a vital affects for blood central nerve, immune systems, hair, skin,bone, as well as brain,liver, heart and internal organs. Copper could take effects in activation,promote and utiliza iron absorption on the formation of the hemoglobin.And in the transport of electronics, elastic protein synthesis, connective tissue metabolism, phospholipids and neural tissue aspects have the important meaning.


2,The WHO recommends that, in order to maintain a healthy, adult per kg body weight should absorb 0.03 mg copper everyday,while pregnant women and babies should be double.


3,Lack of copper can cause diseases such as anemia, bones variation, coronary heart disease, vitiligo disease, female sterility, etc.


4,Until 1970 s people found that tin is essential trace elements in body, it has vital affects in various physiological activities and maintain health of human. The main physiological function is in antitumor performance. Because of tin can compose tin compounds in the thymus of body so that can restrain cancer cells to develop.



Why you choose copper pot:

There are kinds of way having hot pot, but why you must choose copper hot pot for dinning? The reasons as following:

Firstly, the appearance is very beautifull if you use copper pot when you cooking.

Secondly, the thermal conductivity of the copper hot pot is better, add the special function of copper ions in transform of alcohol ester of beef and mutton, so use copper pot to be kitchen ware is more nutritional than others.


1, There are brass and red copper,but thermal conductivity of copper is better.And tin-plated in the inner surface of pot, tin can prevent copper to oxidize. At the same time tin also can keep soup fresh and good purified function. But you must not burn it without any food, because of the low melting temperature, if heating directly will lead to weld cracked.

2, It is the best  one of charcoal copper hot pot in various pots, because charcoal fire is uniform, enduring, safe, boiling fast etc. And do not affect the food flavor in pot.

3, Almost all copper pots processed by handiwork, won’t be batch production, do not and compare the craft and blazonry with modern kitchen ware. Maybe there are some slightly different in size and weight.But we could guarantee the inner diameter size. We guarantee that we dispatch the pot within three to five days after you place order 

and reduce pot using life.

4,After a meal, take off the charcoal without burn up from pot,then cool down 5-10 minutes and pouring out of soup.You must clean it on the same day after you meal.

5, After you clean it well you must  wipe it with soft cloth.If you would keep it for a long time you have to paint soya-bean oil or arachis oil on it then put it in the place where would be ventilated.



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